CATEGORY: BC Road Builders

Road Ready BC – Complete

Course Access: 730 days access
Course Overview

The Road Ready BC (RRBC) – Complete course provides 13 hours of instruction on critical safety awareness concepts. The RRBC course is 24 modules providing necessary education on basic and specialized safety awareness concepts in the roadbuilding and heavy construction industries. The first 12 modules (“RRBC Basic”) offer a robust introduction to basic safety awareness for both industries. In these 12 modules, you’ll learn about everything from general worksite safety and the importance of planning and hazard awareness to working safely around utilities, traffic management and fatigue management. 

An additional 12 modules focus on the various specialties of the two industries. Each module offers a thorough review of key hazards on the various worksites as well as specialized terms, equipment, and tasks that you should be aware of.  These 12 modules cover specialties from earthmoving to highway maintenance as well as skid steer and snowplow operations. 

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